Microsoft Brings Christmas Festivities to Bing Search

It is really sad to see that people are not able to celebrate Christmas this year because of the lockdown all over the world amid the fear of worsening epidemic situation. In many places of the world, even the showrooms and restaurants have been closed indefinitely. In the name of celebrating Christmas this year, we are left to buy gifts for our family and friends online over Amazon and wishing them well over telecommunication apps like Skype and Zoom.

But Microsoft brings a little bit of smiles over our faces as they have brought some Christmas related festivities on their search engine Bing. As you visit Bing, you will be shown a background of eight reindeer. As we know Santa’s sleigh is pulled by nine reindeer, so the red-nosed reindeer must be missing from the picture.

Bing Christmas 2020

There are some buttons on the Bing home page using which you can add many other things along with the reindeer background. You can start a virtual snow fall, make it look really cold, add Christmas lights all around the edges, start a crackling wood fire, view aurora lights from the north pole, and listen to the familiar reindeer bells as Santa’s sleigh arrives in your town.

Bing Christmas 2020

Kids are definitely going to love these new features that Microsoft developers have so timely added to the Bing home page. But of course, these will last on Bing’s home page only for a few days. Grown ups are also going to feel a little better as one of the messages behind Christmas is to always have hope for a better future.

Bing Christmas 2020

We can enjoy playing around with new toys on Bing’s homepage until they get replaced by something else while reminding ourselves that perhaps the next year will bring health and prosperity for everyone all over the world.

If you want to download this reindeer background to your Windows PC and set it as desktop wallpaper, you can use the Microsoft Bing wallpaper tool.