Track Santa’s Journey to Your Town with Google’s Santa Tracker 2020

Tomorrow is Christmas and little kids all over the world are eagerly waiting for their dear Santa. And like every year, Google has decided to use their technological resources to track Santa’s journey as he delivers gifts, toys and sweets to all the kids who have been good this year.

Rumor is that Google has secretly installed a navigating device in Santa’s sleigh and this device is sending the GPS signal directly to Google’s headquarters. This is how they are able to track Santa’s whereabouts with very high accuracy. Other sources are saying that Google can spot Rudolph’s shiny red nose from a large distance as it acts like a beacon in the night. No matter how they do it, you can track Santa using their Santa Tracker web site.

As usual, Google has added many many fun games to be played as kids wait for Santa. There are so many of really amusing games such as Santa Selfie in which you try your hand at decorating Santa’s white beard or Reindeer Runner in which you ride a reindeer and jump over all the obstacles coming your way.

Google Santa Tracker

On the tracking side, Santa Tracker shows you all the live feed, the distance traveled, the number of gifts delivered, and the pictures of Christmas decoration from the cities that he has already visited. You can also turn on the sound which is also bring broadcasted from a secret microphone Google has placed on Santa’s sleigh.

Google Santa Tracker

So kids do not forget to leave milk and cookies for Santa as he comes close to your town. And make sure you are fast asleep in your bed because only then Santa is going to drop gifts for you.

You can visit Google Santa Tracker at in any of your web browsers and find out how long it will take for Santa to reach your town.