Stream Videos from Firefox to Chromecast Easily with fx_cast

Google Chrome web browser users have one advantage over Mozilla Firefox – the former has in-built Chromecast features. It is extremely easy to stream videos from any website over to any Chromecast device near you. For this all you need is a Google Chromecast device (which is easily available from Amazon) connected to any TV near you and setup to work with local WiFi network. With this setup, any movie or video you are playing in the Chrome web browser on your laptop or smartphone can be streamed over to your TV through Chromecast.

Firefox simply does not have this feature. But you can add Chromecast support to Firefox through an open-source extension called fx_cast. The extension adds the same Chromecast features as you would find in the Chrome browser. But it requires something called bridge to fill in the gap between the web browser and the operating system.


In order to make fx_cast work with your Firefox web browser, you should install the bridge software available from It is available for Windows, macOS and Linux. After this is done, you have to install the fx_cast extension in Firefox from the same webpage.

fx_cast is Chromecast for Firefox

At the point you are ready to stream videos from hundreds of websites over to your TV through Chromecast. You can do it in two ways. You can right-click on the webpage in which video is playing, and select Cast from the right-click menu. The second method is by clicking on the fx_cast icon in the Firefox toolbar.

It will display all the detected Chromecast devices in your local WiFi network. You can choose any of these, click on the Cast button and the streaming should start right-away.

fx_cast is Chromecast for Firefox

According to the developers, the fx_cast extension is still under development and might have some glitches. When we tried it on Windows 10 PC running Firefox 83.0, it worked alright but sometimes failed to stream the audio. Perhaps these problems will be ironed out in the future releases.

You can get fx_cast Chromecast extension for Firefox from