AntFileSplitter : Split Text Files into Smaller Parts

There are tons of file splitter and joiner tools available on the internet. This may lead one to believe that we can split text files in a similar manner, but it is much more complicated than we think. We have to split files into smaller parts without having to break any lines and avoiding splitting the words in the middle.

AntFileSplitter is a small portable tool for splitting text files into smaller text files.  It takes into consideration all the complex constraints involved when trying to split a large text file into smaller text files.

It has a very user friendly interface and anyone can start using it in a matter of seconds. The first thing that we have to do is add the source text files. We have to add only plain text files or files with tags (such as HTML) and we cannot add any other format of files. However, the text files can be in any encoding as it supports Unicode and other text encodings.


The second thing we have to do is choose the number of tokens (similar to words) that each of the smaller text files are going to have. We can choose the characters that define a token. We can choose to remove the tags if the text file contains any tags. We can also define the starting and ending character for the tags. In the case of HTML, the tags begin with < and end with >.

Clicking on the Start button in the AntFileSplitter window will process the split request and you will see the entire progress in the the log. You can process as many text files as you want in a single go. You can also stop the process in the middle if that is needed.

AntFileSplitter is free for personal use and is available for Windows, Linux and macOS.

You can download AntFileSplitter from