Manage Email Signatures in Thunderbird with Signature Switch

When you are writing a formal email message, it is essential to include a signature at the end of the message. This message is considered both a polite way to end the message and provides information about who sent the message. This signature can include your name, designation, company name, address and other contact information.

Depending on the recipient of your email messages, you would want to append a different signature to your email messages. For example, you will append an official signature when emailing to a business partner but will use a simpler signature when sending a message to your aunt.

With the help of Signature Switch we can create, append and manage multiple signatures in Mozilla Thunderbird easily. It allows both the text format and the HTML format style signatures. In the text format we can add only plain text signature but in the HTML format, we can add text styles, links and images.

After installing the Signature Switch add-on in your Thunderbird client, you have to open its settings and add at least one signature which could be either in the text or HTML format. You can add many such signatures if you want, but at least one is needed for Signature Switch to work.

Now when you are composing a new email message, you can click on the Signature Switch icon in the top-right corner of the Thunderbird window and choose to add one of the available signatures. If you do not want to add any signatures, then you can simply choose to switch the signatures off.

Signature Switch makes it really easy to add full signatures at the end of your email messages without having to type them each and every time you send a new message. It is much more convenient than copying and pasting the signatures yourself.

You can get the Signature Switch extension from Thunderbird email client from