Automate Mouse Actions with Auto Clicker for Mac

Sometimes, we have to click too much on some websites or apps in order to get the job done. It could be selecting many options or clicking, dismissing some dialog boxes on some buttons. This is when we have to start thinking of mouse automation software using which we can simulate the clicks or mouse movement without actually manually moving the mouse or pressing any of the mouse buttons.

When you want to save yourself from clicking your mouse unnecessarily, you can make use of a freeware called Auto Clicker for Mac. This software cannot really move the mouse cursor position but it can click on the same position a number of times. It can simulate all the buttons  – left, right and middle button clicks.

In the program, you can choose how many times you want it to click on the same position. You can enter 0 to let it click infinitely until you stop it. You can also choose a time delay between the clicks in terms of seconds and milliseconds. When you click a mouse button on Mac, it makes a sound but in this app you can choose not to make any sound when it is doing all the clicking.

Auto Clicker for Mac

There is a dedicated Start and Stop buttons that can be used to start/stop the automated clicking. But you cannot really use the left or right buttons when it has started to auto-click. This is why they also have included an option where you can use the middle mouse button to stop the clicking anytime.

There are two options for creating the hotkeys. You can create a hotkey (keyboard shortcut) for starting/stopping the auto-clicking. There is another hotkey that can be assigned for auto-clicking as well as pressing a key on the keyboard.

Auto Clicker for Mac is very useful when you do not want to use macros to save your time but still want to automate mouse actions on your Mac.

You can download Auto Clicker for Mac from