Convert PDF to Word, Excel and Images with Apowersoft PDF Converter

Apowersoft PDF Converter is a powerful tool for conversion of file formats between PDF files and other file formats. Using this software, we can convert PDF files into Microsoft Office documents such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, HTML files, image formats (JPEG, PNG) and also into plain text format.

Converting from PDF to other formats

Apowersoft PDF Converter makes it very easy for anyone to create Word or Excel documents from a PDF file. For this, you have to select From PDF tab, and then choose one of the destination file format type – Word, Excel, PPT, JPG, PNG, HTML, or TXT. Next, you can add your PDF files to the list of source files and then click on the Convert button.

When you choose a destination file format such as Microsoft Word, you also have many more options specific for that file format type. For example, in the case of Word format, we have the option to choose whether to have the old style DOC files or the new DOCX files.

Apowersoft PDF Converter

Converting from Word, Excel, PPT, Images to PDF

Using Apowersoft PDF Converter we can create PDF files using any other type files. It can take any Microsoft Word document, Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentation or images and create PDF files for you. You have to first switch to the To PDF tab, select one of the source file types and then add the files to the list and then click on the Convert button. You have the options to choose PDF file size, paper orientation (landscape or portrait), whether to create several PDF files for each page or create a single PDF file.

Apowersoft PDF Converter

Many useful PDF tools

Apowersoft PDF Converter also offers many other PDF tools that are useful in manipulating content inside them. It comes with tools for splitting PDF files into many different small PDF files or merge several PDF files into a large PDF file. You can use these tools to extract pages from a PDF file and save them into multiple file formats. There are compression tools that are helpful in compressing a large PDF into a small size PDF using some smart methods.

You can also protect your PDF files and lock them using a password. You can restrict access to the PDF file or encrypt it and set permissions on how it will be used. It can also attempt to do the reverse – unlock a protected PDF file.

Apowersoft PDF Converter

OCR to TXT, Word, Excel or PowerPoint

Apowersoft PDF Converter comes with a powerful OCR feature that can read text from scanned documents. If you have scanned a text document using your scanner or multi-function printer and saved the document into an image or PDF file, then you can use this OCR feature to extract the text from them and save it into plain text format, Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint format.

The OCR feature requires that you have already scanned the documents and have saved them on your local storage drive. It would have be nicer, if it could fetch the scans directly from a scanner or an attached camera.

Apowersoft PDF Converter


Apowersoft PDF Converter creates a bridge between PDF files and other popular file formats by allowing you to quickly convert the files from PDF to other formats and also from other file formats to PDF. It works efficiently and comes with many useful PDF related tools.

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