Optimize and Free Memory on Mac with Memory Clean

If you are still running an older Macbook Air then you know that it comes with only 4 GB of RAM. One way to improve its performance is to upgrade the RAM and add one more memory module. And it is very easy to upgrade the RAM because compatible RAM modules are easily available over Amazon.

But if you are stuck with limited RAM on your Mac, then you can tackle the problem in a different way – through the use of a free app Memory Clean for Mac. This app is free because when you download it, the software vendor actually gives away a free license key for unlimited use.

As you run the Memory Clean app on your Mac, it places itself in the status bar where it displays the available free memory or its percentage. You can click on this status bar icon for more options such as clean the memory immediately, reset apps window or open its preferences window. It also displays the available memory, app memory and the wired memory etc.

Memory Clean for Mac

In the app preferences, we can choose a threshold level of the memory. If your available memory reaches a level below this threshold, the app will display an alert. You can also make it automatically clean the memory once this alert level is reached. During the cleaning it recovers memory taken up by various background processes and makes it available for active apps.

Memory Clean for Mac

In the app window of Memory Clean, we can clearly see available memory on the top. It also displays the detailed breakdown of all the memory – app memory, wired memory, compressed memory, used memory, file cache and the total RAM available to the system. You can simply click on the Clean button to process and free up the memory.

Memory Clean for Mac

When we used it on our Macbook Air, it freed up so much RAM that the available memory nearly doubled up. It made a lot of difference in the way the web browser worked when more RAM was available for the system. Memory Clean for Mac can improve performance of your system but it is no replacement for the upgrade of your RAM modules.

You can download Memory Clean for Mac from https://fiplab.com/apps/memory-clean-for-mac.