Break-O-Mat Helps Windows Users Take Regular Breaks

It has now become a norm at the workplace that we should getup from the work desk every hour and take a small break of few minutes. This is essential for staying healthy and keeping away from mental or physical stress. We must give some rest to our eyes, back, shoulders and arms periodically so that we do not develop serious stress disorders.

For reminding ourself of taking a regular break, we can use a portable Windows application called Break-O-Mat. It is a freeware that can remind us that we have to take a break. The time and frequency of breaks can be easily configured in the application.

In the Break-O-Mat options, we have to set how many minutes we are going to use for work or rest every hour. Typically, it divides 1 hour into work, break and delay – 45 minutes for work, 10 minutes for a break and then 5 minutes delay before we start working again. But these times intervals can be changed for individuals who need less time for break or a longer break.


While some other similar programs just display a notification in the system tray or on the screen for reminding us to take a break, Break-O-Mat is much more forceful. It simply blanks the screen and disables the mouse input for the duration of the break. There is an option to pick an image that would be displayed on your screen instead of blanking the screen. We can choose a picture with a message, an important quote or an eye pleasing picture for this purpose.

If you cannot wait for the next break, there is a manual way to start the break too. For this, we can right-click on the system tray icon of Break-O-Mat and choose to Take a break. This will instantly start your break which would last for as many minutes as specified in the settings.


Break-O-Mat is a small portable application which is very productive for people who have to work in front of their computer screens for long periods of time. With its help, we can now remember to take breaks and avoid and physical strains or injuries.

You can download Break-O-Mat from