NoSleep! Prevents Windows from Going to Sleep or Standby Mode

These days so many of us are working from home through our computers. When video conferencing with other coworkers through Skype or Zoom, there are so many times when we do nothing  but just listen to what others are saying. When we do not engage in any input activity (no keyboard, touchpad or mouse activity), Windows registers that the system is idle for a long time and puts it to sleep.

We can configure Windows to not go into the sleep mode or the standby mode, but it requires that we open the Windows settings every time such a change is needed. Instead of going through system settings each and every time we require Windows to avoid going into the sleep mode, we can use a little program called NoSleep!.

It is a small portable Windows program with just one purpose – to prevent from going into the sleep or standby mode. It does not require any installation and can be placed on a USB pendrive. When launched, it places an icon in the notification area from where it keeps working in the background and simulates random input activity. This makes Windows believe that the user is using the mouse or the keyboard and it does not trigger the sleep mode.


In the settings of NoSleep!, we can choose to preserve the state in which it was closed so that when you launch it the next time, it can resume the same state (active or disabled). Other options include emulation of the keyboard activity in addition to the mouse events and displaying of the internet time in the system tray.


The internet time displayed in the system tray is fetched from the Swatch (Swiss watchmaker) servers which seems to be very accurate. The program displays the time from the Swatch servers after converting it into your local time.


All in all NoSleep! is a nifty little utility for preventing any Windows PC from going into the sleep or the standby mode. It can also prevent the screensaver from being started after a few minutes of no input activity.

You can download NoSleep! from