Directory List & Print : Create Folder Lists in Many Formats

When we store documents in a folder, instead of creating a list manually of all the items we can just create a list of the directory contents using the DIR command in Command Prompt on your Windows PC. But the DIR command may not give you all the options for creating a list of all the files in the manner you want it. Besides people who have become accustomed to using a graphical user interface all the time, are going to feel confused with the command line interface.

With the help of Directory List & Print, we can create and print file lists for various folders. The lists created can be customized in many number of ways. Not only we can choose the style of the list, its contents but we can also filter the content that we do not want in the list.

Directory List & Print has a tabbed user interface. You begin from tab number 1 where you have to select a folder. You can optionally make it run through the sub-folders. Then in the second tab, you can choose which of the columns or contents, you wish to be included. You can include columns such as file size, filenames, paths, date and more.

Directory List & Print

In the third tab, we can choose the style of the list. For example, we can choose whether to create a list of files within a folder or show as a table of the files. Under the fourth tab, we can apply filters to exclude files or folders from appearing in the list.

Finally under the Output tab, we can create an output of the created file list. In the free basic version it allows direct printing, output to the clipboard, in Word and in Excel. Other options such as saving in the PDF format, saving in HTML file, TXT, CSV, XML are available only in the licensed Pro version.

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