Distant Desktop : Portable Tool to Access Remote Computers

Distant Desktop is a small portable tool to remotely manage any Windows PC from another Windows computer. It gives full access to the remote computer and allows the user to carry out any operations that they would be able to do on any local computer.

Distant Desktop does not bother the user with any setup process. We can run it right after downloading it. As soon as it is launched, it displays the computer ID and the password. This is the login information needed for anyone to access your PC through Distant Desktop.

In order to connect to a remote computer, Distant Desktop should be running on both the local and the remote computers. We have to first get the login credentials of the remote computer from the Distant Desktop running on that PC. After that we have to launch Distant Desktop on the local computer, click on the Connect button and then enter the login credentials of the remote PC.

Distant Desktop

Distant Desktop connect to the remote PC right away and you have access to the remote computer. We can use it as if it we are sitting in front of it. We can send files, receive files, text chat and speak to the remote PC. For some of these features, remote PC user has to enable them in the Distant Desktop software.

Distant Desktop has a unique feature called “Demo mode”. When this mode is enabled, you can connect to the remote computers and manage them as usual but remote computers won’t be able to connect to your local computer. This makes it a bit safer for the people who are worried that anyone would be able to control their PC.

Distant Desktop

Distant Desktop allows multiple remote connections at the same time. For connecting to another remote PC, we can open another tab and click on the Connect button. This is really useful for the computer admins who have to access and manager multiple computers from a remote location.

Distance Desktop is a really quick way to access and manage multiple remote computers simultaneously. However, it is available only for the Windows platform. Perhaps, the developers will add support for more platforms in the future.

You can download Distant Desktop from https://www.distantdesktop.com/.