How to Perform Safety Check in Brave Browser

Brave browser is based on the Chromium project and it focuses on the user privacy. There are many features built inside this browser that ensure that the users are safe from online threats such a malicious programs. One of such features in the Brave browser is the “Safety Check”. Using this feature we can quickly find out whether the Brave browser has been compromised.

During the “Safety Check” in the Brave browser, it scans all the core files and determines if they have been tempered with. It also scans for any malicious extensions and disabled protections. If you have stored any passwords in the browser, it can also tell you if they have been compromised. It can also check whether you are using the latest available update of the web browser which means that you are well protected from any known vulnerabilities.

Here is how you can perform safety check in the Brave browser:

  1. Launch Brave browser and enter brave://settings/SafetyCheck in the address bar.
  2. Click on the Check Now button and wait.Brave Browser Safety Check
  3. Pretty soon it will finish the safety check and display the results. Typically, it will display whether the browser is up-to-date, whether the safety protections are enabled, and whether you are protected from any harmful extensions. The passwords section is displayed only if you have saved any passwords in the web browser previously.Brave Browser Safety Check

If it show any problems, then you can take respective steps to fix them. For example, if your stored passwords are weak or compromised then you can change to much stronger passwords. For generating stronger passwords, we can use extensions such as LastPass, Dashlane or Roboform. You can also get our tiny password generator utility for Windows called PassGen.

It must be mentioned that the Safety Check feature of the Brave browser alone is not enough for protecting you from online threats. For complete protection from all sorts of threats, we should install a good antivirus or online security solutions from vendors such as ESET or Bitdefender.