NewFileGo Monitors for New Files & Takes Action

NewFileGo is a small portable Windows application that can monitor a folder for any new files. When it sees new files in a monitored folder, it can be set to execute a command on that files which could be anything like printing that file, copying that file, archiving the file, uploading it to a remote server and more. Additionally, it can also monitor the folders for any modified files and carry out instructions when it detects any changes in the files. It is an ideal tool for automating some tasks on a large number of files that are regularly copied or downloaded.

NewFileGo has a small user interface and we can add multiple file “watchers”. When we add a new file watcher, we have to specify a file to be monitored for changes or a folder to be monitored for new/modified files. We can use wildcards to filter the files being monitored. For example, we can use a filter *.JPG to monitor only JPEG image files in a folder.


We also have to add a command that will be executed when it detects a new or modified file. This command can be anything – whether a native Windows command or a third-party tool. It can be any CLI or GUI program that can accept the filename as a parameter. For example, we can open the new files in IrfanView image viewer by adding the command “C:\Program Files (x86)\IrfanView\i_view32.exe” “%s” and it will open the JPEG images in IrfanView as soon as it detects them. We have to pass the filename or filenames using the “%s” meta-variable.


We can add many watchers and configure them to execute different actions for different folders. We can run context-menu commands, cmd.exe commands, third-party programs of all kinds when it finds a new or modified file. It works flawlessly on Windows 8.x and Windows 10.

You can download NewFileGo from