Hex Editor Neo : Free Feature Packed Hex Editor for Windows

Usually we have different editors for different types of files. For example, we have text editors, image editors, video editors and so on. But since all the data is stored in form of bytes at the very elementary level, we can edit all sorts of files using a hex editor which is able to show you all the data stored inside a file byte-by-byte.

Works with huge files and disks

Free Hex Editor Neo is a freemium hex editor that is able to work with very large files with ease. Using this hex editor, we can view any file in the hex format, modify the files at the byte level, and analyze the hexadecimal data from the files as well as from the disks. We can open even files as large as 1 TB in size and still perform all sorts of operations (such as search & replace of text/hex/decimal/binary data patterns) easily.

Can open files, disks, processes and devices

We can begin by opening the source which could be a local file, a shared file, a running process (yes, we can open a process and edit its memory), a volume (partition), a physical disk or any other kind of memory device. As soon as we open the source, it will display its contents in the hex format. The memory offsets are displayed on the left side, the hex data in the center and the raw data on the right side. We can switch between the little-endian and big-endian byte orders.

Hex Editor Neo

Offers large set of editing tools

It offers so many editing tools for quick and easy editing of the hex data. There are usual find, replace, cut, copy, paste, go to offset etc. There are special features for adding data such as fill, modify bits, and insert files. Under the “Operations” menu, we have access to all sorts of binary operators such as XOR, NOR, NOT, AND, OR etc. We can highlight some byte patterns for quick searching for certain series of bytes. We can also analyze the data in many ways and compare files at the byte level.


Hex Editor Neo is a feature packed hex editor for Windows that works with large files and disks. Even though there are so many features, it still manages to use very small amount of system resources and is very fast when performing various operations. It is available for free and can be used in the portable mode.

You can download Free Hex Editor Neo from https://www.hhdsoftware.com/free-hex-editor.