Thoroughly Uninstall Apps on Mac with AppCleaner

Compared to some other operating systems, it is so much easier to uninstall apps on macOS. Unlike Windows, we do not have to open many windows only to remove software. We can just open the Applications and get rid of any app listed there in a single click.

But when we remove apps in this manner on a Mac, it usually leaves behind many files and folders created by it. Over a period of time, many apps uninstalled by you end up leaving behind a large number of useless files and folders. These files take up space on your storage drive and can even impact the system performance.

Using a free app called AppCleaner, we can quickly uninstall any app from Mac including all the files and folders associated with that app. Using this app is very easy too. You can launch AppCleaner and then drag-n-drop any of the apps that you want to remove from the Applications folder.


As soon as you drop an app on the AppCleaner window, it scans the storage drive for all the related files and folders that were created by that app. In the list, you can see the names of the files, their locations and their file sizes. You can examine these files yourself and if desired can select or deselect them to delete. After this, you can simply click on the Remove button to delete all these files including the app itself.


Instead of doing drag-n-drop of the apps on the AppCleaner window, it also allows you to search for an installed app. For this, you will have to click on the search mode icon and then you can find any of the applications installed on your system. As you select an app, it will show you the files related to it.


AppCleaner is a really smart way to remove apps from macOS. It has the easiest possible user interface and helps us thoroughly remove all the files and folders associated or created by an app.

You can download AppCleaner for Mac from