RemindMe : Advanced Reminder App for Windows

RemindMe is an open-source reminder application for Windows. Using RemindMe we can create reminder events along with messages that are displayed when the events are triggered. The program also comes with a quick timer that we can set for short time reminders.

RemindMe has an impressive and modern looking user interface. We can begin by selecting the “Reminders” section fro the left and then adding new events. In the new reminder events, we have to add a title, pick a sound effect, select date and time, add a message to be displayed and decide whether it should be repeated after a specific duration of time.

There are many sound effects from which we can choose the one that we like. It displays all the sound files that come built inside Windows. We can also add any other sound files from the local storage drive. It supports all the popular audio file formats such as FLAC, MP3, OGG, etc.


When these alerts are displayed, it plays the sound and a small window is displayed. We can postpone the reminder, disable it, reinstate it and dismiss it. The reminder will stay on the computer screen unless it is dismissed. This ensures that we read the reminder message even if we miss it when away from our desk.

RemindMe allows us to modify the way the reminder alert window is displayed. We can change the text size, height and the width of the popup. The RemindMe window itself can also be customized and we can select one of many themes to change how it looks. We can also choose fonts, text size, and colors to create our own themes.


RemindMe is a pretty good reminder application for Windows. It comes with many useful features and a really pleasant user interface. The only problem with it is that it is available only for Windows. We cannot view these reminders on any other platform such as Android smartphones.

You can download RemindMe from