Photo Effects : Add Instant Cool Effects to Your Pictures

Even after snapping a picture using your digital camera of smartphone in perfect lighting and exposure, sometimes a bit of touch-up is needed to bring out the best in a picture. On a smartphone, we have access to many apps that can do the job in seconds. Now with the help of Photo Effects software, we can add instant effects to our pictures on desktop computers too.

Photo Effects is an application for Windows and Mac. It helps us add cool effects to our pictures in just one click. We can also adjust various parameters such as exposure, shadows, highlights, tone mapping, sharpness, contrast, white balance, dynamic range compression, vibrance, channels, soft light, vignette and more. You can also remove noise from the pictures if needed.

We begin by dragging-n-dropping our image file on the Photo Effects window. Immediately after adding a picture, we can choose one of the effects from the left side. It will be display a preview of the image after the selected effect is applied. There are dozens of effects such as Aozora, Chesky, DarkMetropolitan, Fronzone, GreenLily, Harmal, MateGrey, StrongHoney, TwoTone, BlackKokoro, BrightHikari, Freya, Namaeva and more.

Photo Effects

After editing a picture, we can see how much it has changed from the original picture by clicking on the eye icon in the toolbar. As long as we keep pressing this icon, we see the original image. Once you are done adjusting the pictures and applying various effects, we can save it to a local storage drive in the PNG file format.

Photo Effects can be used to add stunning effects to pictures in seconds through the use of presets. Further optimization and adjustment is also available using slider controls for various things such as saturation and contrast. We can use Photo Effects for enhancing regular pictures and turn them into jaw-dropping masterpieces.

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