DownZemAll : Download Manager for Windows, Linux and macOS

When Mozilla updated Firefox browser to version 57, they decided to upgrade to a new standard for the browser extensions. This broke many popular extensions that worked in the older versions of Firefox including DownThemAll – a powerful download manager for Firefox.

Even though DownThemAll has been updated to work with newer versions of Firefox, it is not the same as before. Those Firefox users who want to experience the same freedom and power as in the older versions of DownThemAll, can now try DownZemAll – a download manager designed in C/C++ that has no limitations. DownZemAll works on all the popular platforms including Windows, macOS and Linux. It also comes with companion extension for Firefox and Chrome called DownRightNow which connects the browser with the download manager.


In order to unleash the full power of DownZemAll, you have to install DownZemAll on your computer and then install DownRightNow on your Firefox or Chrome browser. The browser extension can automatically detect the DownZemAll program and makes it easy to download files from the browser. This browser extension does not support Microsoft Edge or Opera.


Once this setup is done, you can go ahead and try downloading any file from your browser. Typically, you have to right-click on a download link and choose Save Link. That link is immediately sent to DownZemAll and the download is started right-away. In a similar manner, we can send Torrent or Magnet links from the web browser to DownZemAll download manager. It even supports downloading of media content such as videos or audio files or full web pages.


However, installation of the DownRightNow browser extension is not mandatory. We can manually add any download links, torrent files or magnet links to the download manager. Since it is designed using C/C++, it works flawlessly and consumes only a tiny amount of the system resources.

You can download DownZemAll from