Comfort Keys Pro : Powerful Hotkeys Program with Virtual Keyboard

Comfort Keys Pro is a hotkeys program for Windows with many more features. It offers a virtual on-screen keyboard with multiple layouts, themes and color schemes. It can be used to record and play macros. It comes with a clipboard manager. It can be used to instantly post canned text into any program or webpage.

The main feature of Comfort Keys Pro is its ability to assign hotkeys to carry out any task on your system. It comes with an advanced hotkeys editor where you can assign various tasks with keyboard shortcuts. You will find a list of actions and you can assign keyboard shortcuts to them. These actions can also be customized, for example, we can launch a browser with “Open URL” action and choose a custom webpage to be opened.

Comfort Keys Pro

It comes with a very beautiful looking on-screen virtual keyboard. This on-screen keyboard can have many layouts such as Android, Flat, Mac, White, Flat, Standard and more. For each of these layouts, there are multiple styles (color schemes) available. We can make this keyboard appear on the screen using a convenient shortcut on the taskbar.

Comfort Keys Pro

Along with the shortcut for the on-screen keyboard, it also places a shortcut to the clipboard manager on the taskbar. With the help of clipboard manager, we can manage all the items that you copied to the clipboard. It displays a preview of all the items and allows us to copy and paste these items into any application. We can add items to favorites list and search through them too.

Comfort Keys Pro

We can access all the features offered by Comfort Keys Pro from its notification area icon too. From here, we can use features such as recording the macros, clipboard manager, template manager, on-screen keyboard, etc. It is a very useful application that can speed up everyday tasks and save our precious time.

You can download Comfort Keys Pro from

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