Kamo Protects User Privacy and Prevents Online Tracking

Kamo is a new privacy protection and tracking prevention software from the makers of CCleaner. Unlike CCleaner which can be used for an unlimited time for free despite with some features locked, Kamo is available only as a trialware. We can use Kamo for 14 days for free under trial after which we have to buy the license for the full version.

After installing Kamo on your Windows PC, it will take some time to scan your system for the privacy and security settings. It places an icon in the notification area of Windows desktop and keeps running in the background. After an analysis of your system is complete, it gives privacy score for your system. On my Windows 10 PC, the score came out to be “Medium 60%”. Obviously, a 100% score would have been better.


Under the privacy score for your PC, it shows the results for various different categories such as anti-tracking, browser protection, browser cleanup schedule, whitelisted websites, and system privacy. If you see a yellow or red exclamation mark then you have to take some action to improve your system’s privacy settings. For example, on my system it displayed a big red exclamation mark over “System Privacy”.

Fortunately Kamo makes fixing these settings very easy. All you have to do is click on a category and then enable or disable various options shown for that category. For example, if it shows that not all of your web browsers are protected, then you can open the “Browser Protection” settings. From here, you can click on all the toggle switches and flip then ON.


On their website, Kamo developers have mentioned that it does not provide protection from viruses. This is why Kamo should be used along with a good antivirus product from reputed vendors such as Avast or ESET.

You can download Kamo from https://www.ccleaner.com/kamo.