Connect to Tor Network in Windows Easily with OnionFruit Connect

Tor is an open-source software often used to connect to the internet through thousands of world-wide relays with the purpose of user anonymity and preventing tracking. Usually we have to use a special Tor browser in order to access the Tor network. This Tor browser is based on Mozilla Firefox along with a few changes and add-ons to make it very highly secure.

But if you do not want to use the special Tor browsers and still want to use the Tor network, then you can try OnionFruit Connect. With this special software that works on any Windows PC, you can surf through the Tor network with any browser.

This special tool actually brings the Tor network to all the software that you are using on your PC. It connects to the Tor network and redirects all of your network traffic through a proxy. After the installation of OnionFruit Connect tool on your PC, it displays a small window. In this window, we can choose a server country that we want to connect to or leave it to connect to any random location. After this, we can toggle the connection switch and it will start the connection process.

OnionFruit Connect

After a connection has been established, the status of the OnionFruit Connect changes from red to green. It will also launch your default web browser and show the current Tor status by opening the DragonFruit website. You can also check your new IP address by visiting websites like

OnionFruit Connect

OnionFruit Connect offers many interesting features to enhance your anonymity and privacy. For example, it uses a different server each time you visit a new website. This makes it very difficult to track your activities online by tracking servers.

OnionFruit Connect

In the settings for OnionFruit Connect, we can set it to be automatically launched at Windows startup, DNS servers, Tor entry and exit servers, landing pages when Tor is connected, bridges for private servers and more.

You can download OnionFruit Connect from