GOG Giveaway : Spy Shooter Action Game XIII

GOG is known for its DRM free games and big discounts. They are giving away XIII for free at the end of this month. XIII is an action game that is liked by the fans of the shooter genre of games. It is based on a graphic novella and is therefore also has fans who share their enthusiasm for graphic novels. For the same reason, the game has a graphics style that you would find only in graphic novels or comic books.

In XIII, you are playing as a fugitive who is running away to save his life. You are being accused of the assassination of a prominent political figure. You are being chased by all sorts of state security agencies and you can be caught at every turn around the corner.

Your situation is made worse by another interesting factor – you do not really remember anything. You are suffering from amnesia. You cannot recall your name, where you came from and you are on the lam. The only thing you possess is a safe deposit box key, a tattoo, and a gun. The tattoo is number 13 in Roman numerals XIII and is located on your right shoulder. This is from where the name of the novel and the game originates.

XIII GOG Giveaway

It is a first-person shooter game but it has a great storyline. You have to do some serious spy work, in addition, to cleverly find your way out of difficult situations. Fans of fast-paced action movies like the Bond movies of the 90s era are definitely going to like this game.

You can visit the GOG website at https://www.gog.com/game/xiii to claim your free copy of XIII. The giveaway is going to be active only until 1st April 2020. Because it is GOG, we can download the entire game setup file (around 2 GB) and use it to install the game on any Windows PC.