How to Use Quick Commands in Vivaldi Browser

In all the modern web browsers, there are so many common keyboard shortcuts that we use everyday. For example, we can open a new window using Ctrl+N, open a new tab using Ctrl+T, reload a webpage using F5, force reload a tab using Ctrl+F5 and more. While we all have learned to use these keyboard shortcuts, there are still many more keyboard shortcuts that we simply fail to remember. This is actually very much expected because there are too many shortcuts to be memorized.

In a browser like Vivaldi, we can quickly view the list of available keyboard shortcuts (shortcuts cheatsheet) either using the Vivaldi menu or using a hotkey Ctrl+F1. But Vivaldi has now added another feature called “Quick Commands” using which we can basically control everything using the keyboard without having to resort to any cheatsheet or help.

Vivaldi Quick Commands

In order to use the Quick Commands in Vivaldi browser, we can simply press the F2 key on the keyboard. This will bring up a tiny window from where we can switch to any open tab or carry out tasks such as open new tab, open bookmarks, reopen closed tabs, do simple mathematical calculations, search the internet for something and more.

As soon as you press the F5 key, Quick Commands console shows up in Vivaldi. You can use the up-down arrow keys to go through all the available commands. If you are not able to find any commands, then you can start typing something that you are looking for. It will find and show you the command, bookmark or open tabs based on your search terms. To execute the selected command, we have to press the Enter key. In order to dismiss the Quick Commands, we can use the Esc key.

Vivaldi Quick Commands

Quick Commands is going to make browsing much easier in the Vivaldi browser. It is really useful for the laptop users who do not like to use the touchpad and do not want to attach an external mouse.