Listen and Record Online Radio Stations with Replay Radio

There are thousands and thousands of online radio stations available but to listen to them we need a special program like Replay Radio. It is a Windows application using which we tune in to any radio station online. It comes with features such as tuning in to the radio stations, scheduling the radio stations and even recording the radio programs.

Replay Radio has a very intuitively designed user interface. The first thing we have to do in Replay Radio is find the radio stations. We can find them under the Guides section displayed to the left. The radio stations can be searched based on their genre (such as music, sports, news, talk shows etc.) and country of origin. We can also find podcasts from here. It also lists some of the popular radio shows ready to be tuned in. When you find a radio station, you will find all the options for it – scheduling, tuning in, recording or opening its website.

Replay Radio

When we schedule a radio station, we can choose the date, time and duration for the scheduled event. This way it will automatically start Replay Radio and tune it to the specified radio station. We can also make it record the show all by itself. The recorded shows can be saved in popular audio file formats such as MP3. One of the exciting features of Replay Radio is that it is able to record multiple shows simultaneously.

Replay Radio

All the recordings can be converted into various audio formats. These recordings can be synced to cloud storage accounts such as Dropbox, Google Drive etc. This way, we can share the radio recordings over various  devices including Android smartphones and iPhones.

Replay Radio is not free and in the trial version it has limitation of recording only 1 minute of the radio shows after which it stops. Nevertheless, there is no limits on listening to your favorite radio shows using Replay Radio.

You can download Replay Radio from