How to Automatically Reload Tabs in Vivaldi Browser

When you are waiting for a big holiday sale (such as Black Friday sale) online on shopping sites like Amazon, you want to keep checking if the sale has started. For reasons like this and others, we want to periodically reload a tab every few minutes. This is why Vivaldi developers have decided to add this new “periodic reloading” feature in the latest version of Vivaldi browser.

Using this feature we can also refresh some websites that are expected to be updated very frequently. Newspaper sites and webmail sites are two examples that you may want to be reloaded again and again every few minutes using this feature.

In order to make a tab reload periodically, all we have to do is right-click on that tab and select Periodic Reload followed by the number of minutes. We can choose 1, 2, 5, 10 or 30 minutes for the frequency of loading the tab. Once this is done, that tab will be set to be reloaded automatically after that number of minutes.

Vivaldi Periodically Reload Tabs

We can use the same method for periodic loading any number of tabs. We have to repeat the same process for each of the tabs that we want to reload automatically. We can choose a different period of reloading different tabs.

What if we want to cancel the auto-reloading of the tabs after a time period? For cancelling the periodic reload for any tab, we can right-click on that tab, select Periodic Reload and then Disable. If you want to cancel the periodic reload of all the tabs that you have set to be auto-reloaded, you can choose Disable All from the menu.

Vivaldi Periodically Reload Tabs

In the hotkeys for Vivaldi web browser, there is also an option to assign a hotkey to “Disable Periodic Timers”. If you assign a hotkey for this feature, then you can quickly cancel the periodic reloading of the tabs instantly.

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  1. Ever eager to make users’ lives more miserable, the programmers have removed the «disable» and «disable all» entries from the right-click menu per tab. Moreover, there should be a simple general setting to disable auto-reloading for all tabs.

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