Find Duplicate Files on Your Mac with Gemini

Copying the same set of files in a different folder or downloading the same file over and over again often results in us having identical or duplicate files. These extra files serve no real purpose and just take space on the storage devices. Whether it is your hard drive, solid state drive, pen drive, or anything else, you are going to find a few duplicate files on them.

For the PC, we have covered many many duplicate file finding software such as Anti-Twin, Detwinner, DupeGuru, Speedy Duplicate Finder, and more. Mac users can also use a similar software called Gemini: The Duplicate Finder. This software can search a folder or drive on your Mac to find duplicate files.

When launched Gemini displays a simple interface where we have to select a folder to be searched for duplicates. We can choose any folder on any available drive. We can also choose the root folder of a drive to search the entire drive.

Gemini: The Duplicate Finder

The search is finished in a few seconds which is very impressive. But then it could depend on how many files you have stored on your Mac. After the searching is complete, we can proceed to view the results. In the results, all the duplicate file sets (which may contain multiple duplicates) are shown in a list. It also displays files based on their categories such as pictures, videos, documents etc. We can click on any of these duplicate sets to view a preview of the files. We can also auto-select the files to be removed which selects all but one file from each of the sets. The selected files then can be removed.

Gemini: The Duplicate Finder

Gemini is really fast when searching a storage device on Mac. We searched a portable hard drive containing thousands of pictures and it finished the search only in half a minute. We definitely recommend this software to our readers.

You can download “Gemini: The Duplicate Finder” from