Convert Numbers to Any Base and to Text with NbreConvert

When we study the computer science in high school the first thing they teach us the binary numbers. This is the first time we realize that the ordinary numbers that we have been using all out life are actually decimal numbers. And we all have to deal with those hard problems that ask us to convert the number system base.

We can do it manually but it is much easier to convert the base of the numbers using either a scientific calculator or NbreConvert. It is a Windows application that can be used to convert any number to a different base. For example, we can convert a decimal number to an octal or hexadecimal number.

NbreConvert has a small window and we are given a small text box where we can enter a number. The number is automatically formatted to guess the number system. Usually we use decimal system to enter the number and it can be converted to other base number systems.


We are given two output sections for the base conversions. We can use the drop-down listbox to choose any base from base 2 to base 36. There is no higher base is available because of the limitation of the character set. We can copy the output to the clipboard and change the order of the character set used.

Other than the base conversion, it also splits the prime numbers for the given number. We can even find the complete prime numbers list for the number and save the list to a file. We can also convert the number to words. For example, it can convert 102 to One hundred and two.

NbreConvert is a very useful tool for students as they can learn how changing of the base works in various number systems. We can also learn how large numbers are written down in words.

You can download NbreConvert from