Remove Unwanted Media Files with MediaCleaner

With so many videos and audio files available for download these days it is a high probability that we are going to end up with a bunch of them piled up all over our storage devices. Then there are all those videos that we record using our digital camera or smartphone which also make a large portion of the used hard drive space.

While some of these media files are really important for a user, many of them are completely useless. For example, the retakes or mistakenly recorded videos, the edited video drafts and so on. We should be able to sort through out media collection and get rid of the unwanted media files easily. This is where an open-source tool Media Cleaner comes in.

Media Cleaner is an open source tool that helps us go through all the media files one by one and removes them if necessary. All the functions are built inside a single window which not only saves a user’s time but also makes everything very convenient.

Media Cleaner

We have to begin by clicking on the Select Folder to Clean button and choose one of the folders from our computer.  It then scans that folder and lists all the media files it can find. It supports MP4, MP3, WAV, MPG, MKV, FLV, WMV, AVI and DVD VOB file types. We can play any of these files in the in-built media player (based on the Microsoft Windows Media Player). You can then decide whether you want to rename, delete, copy or move that video/audio file.

MediaCleaner does not offer anything new. We can carry out all these operations from within the File Explorer itself provided that a decent media player like VLC is installed. However, it presents all the functions from a single window and could make it a bit quicker to go through a big list of media files in a limited period of time.

You can download MediaCleaner from