Easy Cut Studio : Vinyl Cutting Software for Windows and Mac

Vinyl Cutters have gained popularity in recent times. These cutting machines that look like a basic desktop printer are used to cut the sheets of vinyl using vector images. For designing the vector images, we have to use an image editor. There are special vinyl cutter software such as Easy Cut Studio that can both design the vector images and send them to the vinyl cutter over  a USB cable.

Easy Cut Studio comes in a very small package but is actually a very advanced software for creating shapes and designs for your vinyl cutter. It supports all the popular vinyl cutter machines from dozens of the manufacturers including Silhouette, Cricut, Brother, Seikitech, USCutter, Teneth, Graphtec, GCC, UKCutter, Roland and more.

The user interface of Easy Cut Studio appears to be like just like any other image editor. We can open an existing design or create a new design. For designing the signs, we have many tools at our disposal such as a pencil, a pen, an eraser, a set of gradients, a ruler. We can also put text for those letter designs.

Easy Cut Studio

There are many filters and image effects such as shadows, waves, 3D rotation and many more. It offers a layer based image editing. With multiple layers, we have much better control on the image designs. It can also crate shadows that produces ready-to-cut shadows for any shape.

Easy Cut Studio also allows you to combine various shapes using two methods called welding and joining. When we have welded two shapes together they are cut over the vinyl cutter in a manner that the shapes look fused together.

It gives you full control on your vinyl cutter. You can set cut the mode, pressure, speed, multi-cut, cut selection only, overcut, mirroring, Print+Cut and many more professional vinyl cutter controls. The availability of these options depends obviously on the model of the vinyl cutter that you are using.

You can download Easy Cut Studio from https://www.easycutstudio.com/.