Glary Quick Search : Free Advanced File Search for Windows

Quick Search from Glarysoft is a really fast file searching software for Windows. It can locate files based on the keywords as well as their filenames or file paths. It keeps monitoring your computer’s file system and indexes new files in real-time. When you look for a file using Quick Search, it displays the search results in less than a second. Apart from the local file search, it also displays results from Microsoft Bing using the keywords used for searching the files.

In the search results, we can choose to display all types of files or files of specific types such as pictures, music, videos, programmers, compression, documents, or shortcuts. For the media file types, it also displays a small  preview of the file. For example, if you are looking for pictures then you can click on any of the images in the search results and see its preview in a small thumbnail.

Quick Search

There are not many settings to be configured for Glarysoft Quick Search. But we can choose how the searching for the files is done. We can pick the matching criteria from the menu and choose to match path, match case, match full name, match full file name, match whole word and more. We can also toggle the monitoring of the file system for the changes.

Quick Search

Quick Search can also be turned into into a “Mini Model”. In this model, the window becomes very small and we can drag it around on the computer screen anywhere. From this “Mini Model” window we can search for the files on our computers. When we search through this mini model, the results are displayed in the normal window as usual.

Quick Search

We tried Quick Search on Windows 10 20H2 and it worked flawlessly. We did not face any problems. The searching of the files was done very fast even for the freshly copied files.

You can download Quick Search from