Read ePub Books in Firefox Browser with EPUBReader

Ebooks are available online in many different formats including ePub, PDF, TXT, Doc (Microsoft Word) and many more. These different files have to opened using special reading software before you can read them. But if you are a user of the Mozilla Firefox browser then you can read them right in the browser.

With the help of the EPUBReader extension for Firefox, we do not have to install any third party ePub reader software on our computer. The extension can open the ePub files from the internet directly and load them in the reader. We can also open the ePub files that we have downloaded and saved on the computer.

EPUBReader extension puts an icon in the Firefox toolbar and we can access it from there easily. The reader screen shows a large folder button clicking on which we can select ePub files saved on our computer. The files are immediately opened in the reader. This reader has all the basic options found in any standard ebooks reader such as the background color options, font size options, bookmarking of the pages, whether to read like a book or like a webpage etc.


In the options for the EPUBReader extension, we can change the background color, font face, font color, font size, margin width, line height, reading style, reading direction etc. It can even load the fonts embedded in the ebook file but the developer warns that loading fonts could make the whole thing very slow.


While EPUBReader extension makes it very easy for a user to read the books in the Firefox browser, it also makes us dependent on the Firefox browser which might not be something many users want. Besides it lacks many other standard features found in other regular ebook reading software such as printing or converting the ebook file formats.

You can get the EPUBReader extension for the Firefox web browser from