EdgeDeflector Redirects All Microsoft Edge Links to Default Browser

In Windows 10, there are some links that are hard coded to be opened only with the Microsoft Edge web browser. Windows uses a special protocol for these links microsoft-edge: and any web addresses that have this protocol prepended to them are opened using the Edge browser. For example, if you open a link such as microsoft-edge:www.trishtech.com then it will be opened in Microsoft Edge browser even if you click on it in some other browser.

We can use an open-source tool called EdgeDeflector to redirect all these hardcoded Edge links to the default web browser. What this tool does is it takes the Edge protocol links and strips the protocol from it. For example, it takes microsoft-edge:www.trishtech.com and makes it www.trishtech.com which will be opened in your default web browser which could be Chrome, Opera, or Firefox.

Edge Deflector

After the installation of EdgeDeflector, it will automatically make changes to your Windows PC settings and nothing more is required. But in the case of it failing to work, you can open the Windows settings and make some changes in the following manner:

  1. Launch Windows settings by clicking on Start and then on the cogwheel icon.
  2. Select Apps, Default Apps and then Choose default apps by protocol.
  3. Choose Microsoft-Edge protocol and make sure that it is associated with EdgeDeflector.Edge Deflector
  4. This is all the configuration that is needed.

If it still fails to work, then you can re-download  afresh copy of EdgeDeflector and re-install it on your Windows 10 PC. In order to check whether the changes are working, you can launch a Edge protocol URL by prepending microsoft-edge: in front of any URL.

Edge Deflector

We can enter this URL in any web browser but it will be opened in the default web browser if EdgeDeflector is working properly. But if it is not working, then it will be opened in Microsoft Edge browser only.

You can download EdgeDeflector from https://github.com/da2x/EdgeDeflector.