FolderSizes : Analyze Disk Space and Find Large Files

A very common problem that many of the Windows PC users come across is the lack of the disk space on their computers. It usually happens after 5-6 months of using a brand new computer. Surely, we can buy a new hard disk drive, a solid state drive or an external hard drive for extending the storage space. But this is not a real solution of the problem.

We have to find out how and where all the hard drive space has disappeared. We want to know which of the applications and files are taking up all the storage space on the hard drive. For answering these and other similar questions, we can use a software called FolderSizes. Using this software we can analyze disk space usage and find the largest files that reside in a particular folder easily.

The easiest use of FolderSizes is by selecting a target volume or folder on your hard drive and let it analyze that selected folder. In a few seconds, you would be able to see the folder contents arranged in the order of their sizes. Largest of the files or folders are displayed first and then smaller ones are shown. Files that are really huge are shown in the red color.


The analysis can be shown in a simple list format, in a bar graph format, in pie chart format or in a complex folder map format. We can export the results in form of an HTML file, a CSV database, a plain text file, an XML database, a PDF document, or as an Excel workbook.

Using the FolderSizes we can quickly find out which of the folders are taking up a large portion of the total available disk space. With this information, we can make a decision to remove those folders either manually or by uninstalling the applications associated with that folder or file.

You can download FolderSizes from