Magnifixer : Advanced Screen Magnifier for Windows

There are some applications like image viewers, media players and web browsers that come with a zoom feature built inside it. Using this zoom feature we can magnify the contents of these applications (such as images, videos or webpages) to a certain extent. But there are other applications that do not have such zoom feature. For example, we cannot zoom in the Calculator app if we want to see the enlarged digits. For those situations, we can use a third-party software called Magnifixer.

Magnifixer is an advanced screen magnifier utility for Windows. It can be used to zoom in the screen at any location of the screen. It works with any application in the foreground and does not depend on any other software running on your system.


Magnifixer has a small window that displays the zoomed output. In the input if from the screen around your cursor. As you  move your cursor around on the screen, it captures the screen around the cursor area, magnifies and displays it in the Magnifixer window. It also displays the color of the pixel under the cursor in RGB, HTML or Hex format. We can make it fixed so that it displays only the content of a particular region on the screen.

The Magnifixer  window can be dragged around anywhere on the screen and resized. We can also change the magnification level from the Magnifixer windows from 1x  (no-zoom) to a maximum of 40 times. By clicking on the cogwheel icon of Magnifixer window, we can access various settings.


We can choose the zoom level, color display, update frequency, invert the image colors, make window transparent, reset the Magnifixer  window size back to the default level, follow the caret position when typing in an application such as Microsoft Word, and more. We can even make the Magnifixer  window transparent so that it does not interfere that much with the other open applications.

You can download Magnifixer from