FTP Rush : Free FTP Client for Windows Computers

FTP Rush is a feature-rich portable FTP client software for Windows systems. It comes with all the features that you would find in the other popular FTP clients such as FileZilla. It supports FTP, SFTP as well as TFTP protocols.

It sports a user interface that reminds of Windows XP colors. It is a dual pane interface – the left side for the remote FTP server and the right side for the local computer. In addition, it allows opening of multiple connections simultaneously through a tabbed user interface. We can open many tabs and under each of the tabs, we can connect to a different FTP server.

For quick connection to the remote server, we can enter the host server name, remote port, username and the password in the toolbar itself. But we can also manage the login details of various remote servers in FTP Rush through its site manager. In the site manager, it comes with some popular public FTP servers already plugged in, for example, Blizzard, ID Software, EA Sports, Sun Microsystems and more. But these are very old servers from 90s and they might not work for everyone.

FTP Rush

When we carry out file operations on the remote server, the FTP client software actually sends some FTP commands to that remote server. All these commands are masked from the user behind the user interface. But if you want to manually send a command then FTP Rush actually allows it. We can send any raw command to the remote server, but the user must know the correct syntax and its effect before using this feature.

FTP Rush has all the features that anyone could desire from a standard FTP server. It supports all the file transfer protocols and packs them in a nice user interface. The only protocol possibly missing is the BitTorrent.

You can download FTP Rush from https://www.wftpserver.com/ftprush_v2.htm.