Transee Makes it Easy to Translate Phrases on Windows PC

Transee is a translation software for Windows and macOS. It uses online services for translating the text between English, Italian and Spanish. It is designed using the popular Electron framework that uses web technologies to provide the user with an impressive user interface.

After the installation, it shows you some of the basic information about using Transee. It stays in the notification area in form of an icon. It also places a Transee translation bar on the desktop screen. This bar can be viewed at any time through the use of a hotkey Ctrl+Alt+T.


We can enter any word or phrase in the translation bar and it will fetch the translation from the online servers. Usually it takes only one second to get the translation done. In the translation bar, we can choose one of the source languages and another destination language from English, Spanish and Italian. There is a hotkey Alt+Shift to switch back and forth between the various language sets.

In the translation bar, if we want to hear how the translation in a foreign language actually sounds like, then we can use the hotkey Ctrl+Alt+P. Similarly, we can use the hotkey Ctrl+P to listen to the pronunciation of the source word or phrase. Obviously, we can also click on the small speaker icon next to a word to do the same.


Among the various options for Transee, we can choose to make it automatically start with Windows, change the hotkey for displaying the translation bar and more. Transee uses online resources to do the translation and this could be a big disadvantage for many users. If we want to use online services, then we could just check the translation in any web browser. But nevertheless, it does its job perfectly and we hope to see many more improvements in its future versions.

You can download Transee from