Ghostery Dawn : Firefox Based Highly Secure Web Browser

We all know that Mozilla’s Firefox browser is one of the most secure and safe browsers that were ever created. If you are using Firefox, you get many protections built inside, for example, protection from trackers and protection from known phishing sites etc. But if you are looking for even more protection then perhaps you should try Ghostery Dawn. It is a Firefox based web browser with extra focus on the user safety and security.

Many of the Firefox users might be already familiar with the Ghostery extension that offers many security and privacy features. Ghostery Dawn browser has all these Ghostery extension features built inside the Firefox browser. Now there is no need to install the extension. The benefit of building all these features inside the browser itself is that the users get much better browser performance.

Ghostery Dawn

Ghostery Dawn is supported on all the modern desktop platforms like Windows, macOS and Linux. It provides tracking protection for the users and prevents any site or server to track your activities across various sites. In addition to the tracker protection, it provides anti-tracking protection. This is another layer of privacy defense that strips personal data of a user before it can be transmitted to an unknown server. It can also block various unwanted elements on a webpage to make your browsing a tad faster.

Ghostery Dawn is a very secure web browser that has modules for detecting and blocking suspicious and malicious items that track the user’s activities. Just like the Ghostery add-on for Firefox, this web browser also detects any trace of any unwanted objects, automatically blocks all images, scripts and objects from web sites that we do not trust. Furthermore, the web browser has Insights’ Intelligence that will allow you to find out more about the organizations behind the unwanted elements.

You can download Ghostery Dawn from