Iriun Webcam : Use Smartphone Camera as Webcam on Desktop Computer

If your computer has a basic low-resolution web cam and your video in conference calls through Skype or Zoom is not appearing that good, then you can use your smartphone or iPhone camera as a webcam.

For using your smartphone camera as a webcam for your desktop computer, we have to complete two steps. First of all we have to install Iriun Webcam on our desktop computer. There are separate installers for Windows, macOS and Linux. We have to download the software based on the target platform and finish the installation.

The second step is to install Iriun Webcam app on our smartphone. There are apps available for Android and Apple iPhone. These apps can be downloaded from Apple App store or Android Play store. Once you have installed both the desktop software and the smartphone app, we have to connect them both to the same WiFi network. This is easily done by connecting both the devices to your home/office WiFi router. The camera from your phone is now detected and is ready for use on your desktop computer.

Iriun Webcam

After these steps are complete and the camera is available on the desktop, we can use this virtual camera anywhere through any website or software. For example, we can use this camera in Skype. For using this Iriun Webcam we have to choose “Iriun Webcam” from the list of the available webcams.

Depending on the quality of your camera on your smartphone, we would have a really good camera with very high resolution. For example, if we use this software with iPhone then we get access to 16 megapixels camera on our desktop. We can use this setup for any duration of time. However, if you want to use a high-resolution webcam regularly, then we suggest that you buy a Logitech C922 full HD StreamCam. It is specially designed for live streaming and online conferencing for today’s generation.

You can download Iriun Webcam from