Noisli : Listen to Calming Background Sounds to Focus or Relax

Noisli is a web app that can be used to play calming background sounds. These sounds are very useful for relaxing the mind, focusing on work by masking the ambient annoying sounds, or helping concentrating your mind on the studies. Noisli is available in form of a web app, Chrome browser extension and also as apps for Android & iPhone.

For starting to use Noisli, we need a user account. We can create a free account using just an email address. In the free account of Noisli, we get access to many sounds but the full set of the sounds are available only for the paid pro accounts.

On the web app, we start by setting a time duration for the sound playback which is usually 30 minutes. We can then choose a mixture of sounds from the dashboard. We can include any sound just by clicking on its icon. For example, we can include sound of rain, sound of thunder, or sound of forest by clicking on their respective icons.


In the case of the Chrome browser extension, we can click on its icon in the omnibar and choose the sound category such as productivity, random or relax before playing them. Just like in the web app, we can choose, mix and match any number of sounds we want to play. We can change the volume for each of the sounds and combine them together for a unique personal effect.


When you have created a perfect combination of sounds, you can add it to your favorites list so that you can play it anytime later without having to manually combining them all over again. We can also save the playlists of these sounds to the favorites. There is another interesting feature called oscillation which changes the volume of these sounds automatically over time resulting in a unique effect of its own.

You can visit Noisli web app at