How to Change the Password for Personal Hotspot on Android

One of the most useful features that an Android smartphone offers is the personal hotspot. We can create a personal WiFi hotspot in order to share our 4G or 5G data connection with other devices. For example, if we are traveling and want to use internet on our laptop, then we can quickly enable personal hotspot on Android. We can connect to this hotspot from the laptop or any other device including other Android phones.

It is also very useful in sharing our 4G LTE data pack with other people who need it in emergency situations. But for the security reasons,  we should keep rotating the passwords for the personal hotspot. Regularly changing the hotspot password ensures that even if a potential hacker has figured out our password, it won’t work for long as we would be changing the password.

On  any Android smartphone that allows creation of a WiFi hotspot, we can change the personal hotspot password in the following manner:

  1. Open Android settings and select Hotspot and Tethering section. It could be hidden under some other section such as mobile networks or WiFi.
  2. Tap on Personal hotspot and then Hotspot settings.
  3. Tap on Hotspot password and then enter a different password.Change Hotspot Password on Android

This is how we can change the password for the personal hotspots on Android smartphones. Depending on the version of the Android operating system, the launcher and the manufacturer of the Android device, the user interface might look a little different than the screenshots above. But the general method remains the same.

Basically, you have to find the hotspot section in your Android phone settings and then look for an option to change its options. Among other things, we can also change the security type (WPA or WPA2) and the frequency band (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz). If your Android phone does not have this feature built inside it, then you can also use third-party apps for creating such a hotspot.