How to Quickly Put Windows PC to Sleep Mode with FRSPCSleep

There are times when we have to quickly put Windows PC to sleep. For the laptop owners it is pretty easy. All they have to do is close the lid of their laptop and it will do the rest. This is because the close lid action in Windows is usually associated with putting the PC to the sleep or hibernate mode.

However for the desktop computer owners things are not that straightforward. Firstly of all, they do not have a lid to close and then there are multiple power buttons usually on the front side of a typical PC cabinet. In the case of a desktop PC, we can use a third-party software called FRSPCSleep to put the PC to sleep.

The software comes without any user interface. After the installation it places a desktop shortcut for the program. We can simply double-click on this shortcut to launch FRSPCSleep and thus put the computer to sleep. There is no warning, no confirmation and no alert. The Windows PC just goes to sleep in seconds.


If you are fond of using hotkeys for carrying out tasks on your PC then you can assign hotkeys to this program as well. For setting a hotkey to be used with this program, we can right-click on its desktop shortcut and in the properties windows, assign any available hotkey combination for our use. If you know VB Script, then we can even add a confirmation window to appear before putting the computer to sleep.

Before you put your Windows PC to sleep, you have to make sure that your PC keeps getting power supply without any interruptions during the sleep mode. If the power supply is broken, then sleep mode loses all the memory. In the case of laptops we do not have to worry about power as the battery can keep the power supply demand satisfied. But for the desktop computers, we should use a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) to ensure that PC does not lose any power.

You can download FRSPCSleep from