How to Use Safety Check Feature in Chrome Web Browser

Google Chrome web browser is known for its fast speed and less dependency on the system resources. They are also now adding more and more security features in the browser to make it much more safe and secure. A new feature that Google has added to their browser is Safety Check.

Using the Safety Check feature, we can ensure that Chrome web browser is properly configured for security. It can also check whether any of the passwords that we have saved in our Google account are compromised. This is the same Google account that we use to login to the Chrome browser profile. It checks recent data breaches to locate whether your user accounts or passwords are found in any of them.

Here is how you can use Safety Check feature in the Chrome web browser:

  1. Launch Chrome web browser and enter chrome://settings/safetyCheck in the address bar.
  2. Click on the Check Now button next to the Safety Check section.Chrome Safety Check
  3. Wait for the checking progress to be finished and then it will display the results. It checks for the updates for the Chrome web browser, it checks whether any saved passwords have been compromised, it checks whether basic browser protection is enabled, and finally it checks for any harmful browser extensions.Chrome Safety Check

If it detects that Chrome web browser is not up-to-date then it will give you option to download the latest update. After Chrome is updated, your web browser needs a restart before the update is applied. It also checks for harmful malicious extensions and if it finds any, it will inform you about them along with giving you options to remove them. And finally, if somehow the safe browsing feature has been turned off, it will tell you how and where to re-enable it. Using the Safe Browsing feature, Chrome blocks any malicious or phishing sites.