Taskbar Monitor Shows System Resources Statistics in Notification Area

Sometimes we run programs on our Windows PC and have to wait a long time before something happens. For example, when I double-click on Microsoft Word shortcut on the desktop, sometimes it takes 3-4 minutes before the Word is actually visible on the screen.

One reason for this delay could be that your security software is scanning everything for malware and has made your system slow. Another common reason is that that some other programs are running in the background and have claimed a large share of your system resources.

Using an open-source program Taskbar Monitor we can keep an eye on the available system resources for any Windows PC. It monitors four things for your Windows computer – RAM, CPU, Disk and Network. All these stats are shown in the notification area. The information is displayed both in text as well as graphs. The information is dynamically updated every few seconds.

Taskbar Monitor

In the settings for Taskbar Monitor, you can adjust the history size and the poll interval which is 3 seconds by default. If you do not want it to update the information every 3 seconds, then you can increase the poll interval to 10 seconds or more. The history size can also be modified to adjust how far back it should remember about your system resources.

It comes with many themes such as dark and light. We can also customize the colors and fonts for the graphs. For all the different resources (RAM, Disk, Network and CPU), we can choose what kind of graph we want to be displayed, when to display the title (text information) and the position on the notification area.

Taskbar Monitor

Taskbar Monitor uses an unusual uninstaller. For uninstalling Taskbar Monitor, we have to run the installer with /uninstall as the parameter. The program will be uninstalled after a few minutes from your system after Windows File Explorer is restarted. It is a really useful tool to watch out for your PC’s system resources.

You can download Taskbar Monitor from https://github.com/leandrosa81/taskbar-monitor.