Record Screen Into WMV Video Files with Gadwin ScreenRecorder

Whether you are creating a how-to video, a tutorial, a training video or a presentation, you can use Gadwin ScreenRecorder for recording your screen. This versatile software is able to capture everything on your screen including the mouse actions such as clicks and  double-clicks.

ScreenRecorder makes recording your screen easy through the use of a widget. This widget is a small window that sticks to the closest edge of your screen and automatically hides when not in use. As soon as the user moves the mouse cursor near that screen edge, it reappears ready for use.

Through the ScreenRecorder widget we can start, pause, and stop recording with ease. From this small window, we can also choose some options very quickly. For example, we can choose whether to record full-screen or record only a custom selected region on the screen, whether to enable auto-pan effect where the recording area follows the movement of the cursor, whether to record sound or not etc.

Gadwin ScreenRecorder

As soon as we stop recording, it launches the saved recorded video using default media player on Windows. For example, on my test PC the default media player is VideoLAN VLC Media Player and it was launched with the WMV video clip opened in it. The videos are saved in the Videos folder for the current user profile.

Gadwin ScreenRecorder

In the settings for Gadwin ScreenRecorder, we can change the output folder and the filename pattern for the recorded videos, we can change the action post-recording whether to play the video, open file location, publish on Youtube etc. We can also assign hotkeys to Gadwin ScreenRecorder to control the recording operation. By default F10 can record or pause the video recording and Ctrl+F10 can stop the recording. Only through these two hotkeys, we can do all the recording with this software.

Gadwin ScreenRecorder is not a freeware and it puts a watermark on all the recorded videos. If you want to remove this watermark, you will have to buy the license for the full version.

You can download Gadwin ScreenRecorder from