Onyx : System Optimization and Cleaning Utility for Mac

OnyX is a system optimization utility for Mac. It has so many features and functions that is impossible to describe everything in a single line. It can fix system errors, clean junk files and app cache, it can run some maintenance scripts, it can set volumes to be hidden on your hard drives and more.

OnyX is available for various versions of mac OS and for each of the versions there is a separate download. If you try to use a version not meant for your version of mac OS, then it may not work properly and can even have  unexpected results.

OnyX is designed to have a typical mac OS style interface with tabs on top and the settings underneath each of the tabs. There are tabs such as maintenance, utilities, files, parameters and so on. On the home screen of OnyX, you can choose which of the modules and scripts you wish to run.


Under the maintenance tab, we can make it verify the structure of the file system. It can be used to rebuild service database, XPC cache, Spotlight index, mailboxes in Mail and disk partitions on the desktop. We can use it to clean system, internet, applications, log messages and reports. Among other tasks, we can choose to clean the fonts cache, junk items, trash, recent items, and run a few maintenance scripts.

Some of these tasks have extra options to be configured. For example when cleaning “Internet”, you can choose whether to clean the history, cache, cookies etc. After picking the tasks that we want to run, we can simply click on the Run Tasks button. It can take many minutes for these tasks to be completed. It is recommended that you should run these tasks either before or after the working hours.

OnyX is a useful tool for keeping mac OS running smoothly. It can fix some very common problems that one may encounter on their system. It can also improve the system performance by removing the junk files and flushing the apps cache.

You can download OnyX for Mac from https://www.titanium-software.fr/en/onyx.html.