Make New Tabs in Chrome Browser More Useful with Mue

When you open a new tab in the Chrome web browser, it may display various things based on the browser settings. It can be blank, could be a webpage set by you or simply a Google search box. But if you want to make it much more useful then you can use the Mue tab extension for Chrome.

The Mue extension makes the new tab page not only useful but also makes it look very beautiful. After the installation of Mue in your Chrome browser, when you open a new tab, you will find  that it has many new features along with a stunning beautiful background picture.

Mue Tab for Chrome

On the new tab provided by Mue, you will find the current time, date, greetings and a quote from a well known celebrity. On the top, there are some tools for making it full-screen, for adding text notes and opening the Mue tab settings. The sticky notes feature is very useful when you want to remind yourself of something important. You can use these notes as reminder and pin them on the new tab. These notes will appear every time you open a new tab.

Mue Tab for Chrome

In the settings for the Mue new tab extension, we can customize how it looks and which features are to be enabled. We can customize and toggle features such as time, date, quote, greetings, background image, search box, quick links, weather information, themes, widgets and language. For updating the new background, we can click on the “refresh” icon in the top-right corner of the new tab page.

Mue Tab for Chrome

Mue allows you to completely customize new tab page for the Chrome browser. It can make the new tab pages more productive and pleasant to the eyes. It does not consume much of the system resources and the Chrome browser seems to load the same as before.

You can download Mue Tab extension for Chrome from