Shred Files Quickly on Windows with Qiling File Shredder

From time to time we have to get rid of some files that may contain sensitive or private information. We should take special care when deleting these files. If we delete them just through the normal delete function of the Windows File Explorer then they get deleted but their data still stays on the hard drive. To make sure that such files are properly disposed off, we should use special file shredding software that overwrites the files multiple times before deleting them. A software such as Qiling File Shredder can overwrite your files and securely erase them leaving no chance of their recovery.

Qiling File Shredder makes it easy to securely erase your sensitive data in seconds. It has a beautifully designed user interface that makes the whole task of shredding files a cinch. In its window, we can choose the number of times we want the files to be overwritten by random data. By default, this value is set to be 3 times.

Qiling File Shredder

We have to click on the large plus button in its window to start adding files or folders that we want to delete. After selecting the files or folders using the tree-view interface, we can click on the Shred Now button. There is no turning back after this, so you should be very careful in selecting the files/folders.

Qiling File Shredder

The files are shredded and a visual progress is displayed on your screen. If you have selected a large number of times for overwriting the files, then it is going to take a longer time. Also if you are shredding large size files, then obviously it is going to take many minutes. At the end of the progress, it displays the information that file shredding had been completed.

Qiling File Shredder

Qiling File Shredder does not give any options as to the file overwriting methods. We do not know what kind of algorithms are being used. On its website, we are assured that it is using “certified data erasure algorithms”. In any case, it does a good and quick job of shredding the files.

You can download Qiling File Shredder from