Arrange Tabs in Firefox Browser Easily with Tile Tabs WE

When you have a large number of tabs open in your web browser, sometimes it becomes very difficult to find the tabs that we want to use. Firefox allows you to go through one tab to another using the tab bar as well as through the use of the hotkeys. However, this is still not very convenient when you have fifty or more tabs open in the browser. This is when a Firefox extension called Tile Tabs WE can be of immense use.

Tile Tabs WE is an extension that allows you to arrange and rearrange all the open tabs in a number of different layouts. It comes with dozens of layouts for your use. In addition, it also allows you to make your own custom layouts.

After the installation of the Tile Tabs WE extension, we have to first choose a layout for arranging the tabs. For this, we can right-click on its icon in the Firefox toolbar and choose Manage Layouts and Tiles followed by the Default Layout. This section has all sorts of layouts, vertical, horizontal, number of tabs, grids, and so on.

The Tabs WE

Once you have picked a default layout, you can simply click on the Tile Tabs WE icon in the toolbar to arrange the open tabs in that layout. It works quick and within seconds, you will have all the tabs arranged in the selected layout of tiles. You will notice that the icon in the toolbar will be showing T (tiles) instead of P (parent).

The Tabs WE

When you want to revert back to the single window layout, you can click on the Tile Tabs WE icon again in any open window. This will arrange all the tabs once again in the same single Firefox window. The icon for Tile Tabs WE will now show P instead of T.

The Tabs WE

Tile Tabs WE is an easy way to arrange the tabs in form of tiles for easy browsing when we have dozens of tabs open. It can be really useful when we have to work with many different browser windows at the same time.

You can get the Tile Tabs WE browser extension for Firefox from