Pichon : Free Offline Repository of All Types of Icons

If you are looking for icons for your project, then you can head over to https://icons8.com/ and search for them.  They offer all sorts of icons having a large number of colors, file formats, and resolutions. We can use these icons in any of our projects whether it is an app, a website, a presentation, graphics project or a Windows application.  Some of these icons are free but some of them are commercial.

But if you want to have offline access to the huge library of this website on your desktop, then you can simply install their app Pichon. This app gives you full offline access to their 135,000+ icons from the comfort of your desktop. It includes many commercial icons for which you have to pay, but it also includes thousands of free icons ready for your use.


After the installation, which copies a huge icon database file to your hard drive, you can click on its notification are icon to access the Pichon window. In this window, we can browse all the icons based on the various categories and sub-categories such as Apple, iOS, Emoji, Office etc. We can also search for the icons based on keywords such as “ghost”.


In the toolbar, we can choose the type of the icons that we are looking for – ICO, PNG, SVG, PDF, XAML, or EPS. We can also choose resolutions for the icon file such as 50px, 128px, 256px etc. The icons are displayed in all colors by default, but we can filter them by their color too.

When you find the icon that you were looking for, you can right-click on it to find the options for copying it directly in other applications such as Microsoft Word. You can also find its file shortcut.


In the settings for Pichon, we can make it auto-start with Windows, enable the dark mode, synchronize icons and pick the simplified SVG format to be used.

Pichon definitely makes it a breeze to find and pick an icon. It if offline and works smoothly on any Windows PC. It keeps updating its database of icons from time to time.

You can download Pichon from https://icons8.com/.